A family business established since 1933 from "the Green Heart" with transport being our main goal.
We started of with a horse drawn cart with the name "Hogenes" in ornate letters on the side of the cart.

Today we have modern warehouses and a fleet of trucks, trailers, delivery and courier vehicles and warehouses all bearing the "Hogenes" logo.
What remained the same though is our personal approach to every aspect of logistics, and our "made to measure" solution for every client.

Hogenes Warehousing works exclusively with their own trained staff. Each one specialised in all areas of logistics.
Each and every one ready to come up with the ultimate solution for our customers.
Flexibility a must since every client and every job requires a different solution.


We have no separate departments within our company.

And therefore no employees specialised in only one area.

Hogenes Warehousing: Taking you from A through B to C


Hogenes Warehousing