An industry with a unique atmosphere and specialization. To receive an order is one thing; to deliver it to the customer in the right way is a whole different story. "Hogenes warehousing" knows better than anyone that placing and assembling of furniture and bedroom deliveries is often the last visual contact between your company and your customer(s) and knows that it must be handled with extreme care.
The process begins with the clearance and collection of all parts of an order in the storage and transhipment company .
After damage and completion control follows an appointment with the customer(s). Questions such as
"on what floor do you live?" and "is there an elevator in the building and if so what are the measurements?" are self-evident.
At Hogenes we keep in mind that we represent your company when our Furniture Transport Assembly team is at work.
Products are unpacked and installed/assembled when necessary. All packing material will be taken back by our team.

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